A little about Jess...

Yoga first came as a practice as a form of exercise. Hooked on the strong and sweaty practice, Jess soon discovered the huge benefits for physically and mentally. Using breath to cultivate space within both body and mind, to get lost in the rhythm of our movement, to tune inwards, towards our home within ourselves, exploring our layers so much deeper than the physical.

Jess invites you to slow down, allow yourself to play around with new shapes, challenge yourself whilst we balance, smile when we wobble but mainly, not rushing to get anywhere, lose yourself in the feeling of the postures and most importantly the transitions between them. Listening to and trusting your body. Let go of the judgment, the expectation and the pressure.

All combined with the reminder that our practice of yoga isn’t solely the asanas. We allow time to step on our mats to create space and growth from within, to then take it off the mat. Finding a way for you to be the best version of yourself every day.

Practice with me